EGDF and ISFE present Key Facts about Europe’s video games industry

The two European video game industry federations- ISFE and EGDF - jointly present a concise, but complete picture of the European video game sector so far. The online session will take place on Thursday, December 9th.

Join the event to explore the composition of the video game industry, who are the players in Europe, as well as who are employed in European game dev companies. The efforts of the industry to create new jobs and launch new content and products will also be considered, during the historical year in which the video game industry, unlike many, has maintained its continuous growth. Europe will also be seen as a hotbed of incredible talent and creativity, which must be nurtured and developed because it is necessary for the development of unique, complex interactive games.

SGA, as a member of both federations, invites all interested parties to follow the program on the European ecosystem to which our domestic companies are actively contributing while, according to the EGDF annual report, Serbia is in some aspects, such as gender balance among employees in industry, even among the best on the European continent.

The event will be feature ISFE Chairman Olaf Coenen, as well as EGDF Vice President Andreea Medvedovici Per from the Romanian association RGDA. There will also be Ipsos MORI Research Director Eduardo Mena, who will all together look at the fastest growing creative industry in Europe.


The session will be presented online, on Thursday, December 9, from 2 to 3 PM. All those interested can register via the link.


ISFE (Interactive Software Federation of Europe) is an association of the video game industry in Europe based in Brussels, Belgium. Membership includes national trade associations in 18 countries across Europe, which in turn represent thousands of developers and publishers nationwide. Since 1998, ISFE has ensured that the voice of the responsible gaming ecosystem is heard and understood, that its creative and economic potential is supported and celebrated, and that players around the world continue to enjoy great video game experiences. EGDF (European Games Developer Federation) presents studios for the development of video games in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Malta, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Turkey and the United Kingdom, which together they employ over 40,000 people.