Centili Introduces a New Digital Content Marketplace for Telcos and Premium Content Providers to A1 Serbia

Last month, Centili launched a new, digital marketplace in cooperation with A1 Serbia, as part of the A1 Entertainment service that A1 provides to its customers.

Centili Maestro Storefront — the full name of Centili’s service, was created in response to mainstream digital content stores such as AppleStore, Google Play and Play Store, with the idea of ​​giving mobile operators the ability to offer digital content directly to users. At the same time, the content featured on the storefront reaches new markets through direct cooperation with operators around the world.

As a product, Centili Maestro Storefront is based on the Maestro platform for mobile payments and digital content management. The platform manages all elements of moble payments, from subscription to security measures. The mobile payment platform is now enriched with premium services that are connect to the new operator automatically.

From now on, A1 users will be able to search, activate and subscribe to services such as games, video on demand, music, and vouchers directly through the operator, as well as pay for services with their phone bill or prepaid package. Some of the brands currently on offer are Fortnite, WarThunder, Xbox GamePass Ultimate, League of Legends, as well as Roblox, PlayStation Network UK and US, and Steam, available through vouchers.

What is most appealing about premium digital game makers at Centili Maestro Storefront is that technically, there is only one connection when connecting to Storefront. Each subsequent instance of the Storefront (when a new mobile operator joins Centili Maestro Storefront and offers it to its customers) means no new obligations for the manufacturer, but a new source of new revenue.

Read more about Centili Maestro Storefront as well as the launch of this product on A1 Serbia.