Be a part of the SVI conference – submit your gaming related research paper

The Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, in cooperation with the University of Belgrade (Faculty of Philology) and SGA, is organizing the second international conference SVI dedicated to the study of video games in Serbia - Video games as a challenge for the academy: 50 years of gaming industry, in Novi Sad, 10-11. December.

Five decades after Magnavox Odyssey, the first home gaming console, hit the market, and five decades after the founding of Atari, the second international conference on video game studies (SVI), entitled Video Games as a Challenge for the Academy: 50 Years of the Gaming Industry, aims to examine different aspects and connections between the gaming industry, learning about video games and criticism. The goal of such conceptualization is to open a dialogue between industry and academia, and to foster an understanding of their sometimes different goals and interests. Such a dialogue revolves around several key issues:

  • What can the academic community, without giving up critical thinking, offer to the industry, and vice versa?
  • Can the industry survive its own crises and should a scholarship help?
  • Can the academic community remain separate from the industry?
  • Finally, is the market changing games or are games conquering the market?

The conference was organized in three broad thematic sections dedicated to exploring the relationship between video games, industry, academia, and criticism.

All interested authors can submit abstracts (up to 300 words, with a maximum of 5 keywords) by September 15 to conference.svi@gmail.com

Detailed information about the conference is available at this link.