Apply for European Games Coproduction Market!

The alternative path to gain expertise and co-finance for your video games through a 6-months program! Apply until the 20th of April. Participation for people from Serbia is 100% free thanks to the SGA joining this European program, as well as the support of supercluster Creative Tech Serbia.

Are you struggling with the completion of your financing? Do you need specific expertise? Do you want to access European talents? Do you want to have better international exposure? Or on the contrary, do you have the resources to co-develop a project with a foreign partner? European Games Coproduction Market is a program for you!


Since 2017, the European Games Coproduction Market is a program powered by SpielFabrique, that aims to foster co-production projects between indie game studios in Europe.

For the first time since this year, Serbia is officially part of this program, thanks to the cooperation of SGA and SpielFabrique, and with the support of the Creative Tech Serbia supercluster. This means that all teams from Serbia that fit into the propositions of the program can apply for participation and take advantage of the benefits of this program, with the possibility to find co-producers for their projects at the end of the program, or to be co-producers for IP- here are also study projects from other European countries.

The market is composed of several milestones’ events and activities:




Find talents from an other studio covering your weaknesses to improve your project’s quality. And/or bring your skills to an other studio’s project that moves you.


Meet people from a different culture and learn how to reach markets you don’t understand yet. Rise your competitveness.


Access and apply with your coproducer to more public funds with a stronger and more attractive project.


Professionalise your company, build up your network, diversify and get more experience. All to appeal better to publishers.

Please note that the program is 100% free for the participants, as it is supported by market partners from different countries (Austria, Belgium (Wallonia), France, Germany (Berlin/Brandenburg and NRW Region), Ireland, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland). It means that only studios from the following countries will benefit from free participation.