Make the next hyper-casual hit – in the CrazyHubs accelerator

After a successful first cycle, Novi Sad's CrazyHubs continues to work and receives new teams that will learn how to make hit mobile games - applications are open until October 10!

You’ve probably played Acrylic Nails, I Can Paint, Tie Dye, ASMR Slicing or Soap Cutting on your phone. All these games were published by CrazyLabs, currently the world’s third-largest publisher of mobile games with 4.5 billion downloads!

There is a whole science behind the creation of such successful hyper-casual games, so this publishing house decided to open CrazyHubs accelerators around the world, which will help teams build prototypes. Since May this year, such a space is also located in Novi Sad, and a competition for the second cycle is currently underway. A training program has been created to help local teams establish themselves firmly in the hyper-casual mobile gaming industry through collaboration with one of the largest companies in the industry.

“The lectures that are part of the Hub and the weekly show and tell have helped me significantly to learn how to make hyper-casual games. The system of quick testing and getting results from real players is very useful. The team is great, the atmosphere at work is stress-free and positive. The job itself is dynamic and never boring! Mandatory attendance during Happy hour! ”

– Đorđe Jovišić, first cycle student

Who can apply?

Independent teams, graduates, alumni, developers, video game enthusiasts, as well as smaller studios are welcome. All those who want to be actively involved in the currents of the hyper-casual world of video games. It is not necessary to have experience in the hyper-casual industry itself to apply and participate in the program.

What is available to the teams?

There will always be 5-10 teams in the Hub that are actively working on game development. The stay in the office will be in accordance with the current epidemiological measures. One program lasts 4 months, followed by an extension for cooperation outside the premises of the Hub. During this period, participants will go through a customized development program tailored specifically for hyper-casual games.

All participants will have constant mentor guidance as well as practical, technical support from CrazyLabs experts. They will work on improving their knowledge of hyper-casual games and industry trends through work and active production.

All teams are provided with a monthly fee, which is not symbolic at all and has the purpose of freeing the participants from financial pressure in order to dedicate themselves to maximum personal development. Also, all teams whose games are selected for global release will receive a significant percentage of the game’s profits that will provide them with financial security for further growth and development.

How to apply?

Apply on this link:

  • There can be 1-3 members in each team, with 1 Unity developer required
  • Also, one of the team members must know English
  • You can also be a “one (wo)man show”
  • It is mandatory to send a portfolio, and if you have, send a build or video link of your game (optional)

Above all, you should have the desire to enter the hyper-casual industry, as well as be able to participate in the program for a full 4 months, with the option to extend up to 6 months.

The beginning of the second program is scheduled for November 1. Applications are open!