For the Win! – a new meeting point for the European gaming industry

Why is FTW! different?

Nearly 30 lecturers from more than 10 countries will contribute to the program of the premiere For the Win! conference, which is held under the slogan Building Exceptional Game Industry Ecosystems. It is a highly international event that brings together diverse actors and companies from the video game ecosystem, with the idea of exchanging experiences and good practices, inspiring peers and influencing decision makers, to enable the best possible development of the domestic gaming ecosystem, and realize its full potential.


We are positive that every team from your company or studio will find something interesting, whether your focus is on education, networking or building a strong local gaming ecosystem.


For the Win! is not a common gaming conference. It is a highly international event that brings together various actors, companies and ecosystem organizations, with the idea of ​​exchanging experiences and good practices, inspiring colleagues and influencing decision makers. The conference is invitation-only and with no participation fees, which all makes it pretty unique on the European gaming circuit.

Stakeholder module

Following the closed session of the SGA Annual Assembly, the stakeholder module will bring together representatives of European gaming associations, and present various ways in which to systematically support the development of the gaming industry at the national and European levels.

The audience will have the opportunity to hear prominent actors of European gaming, such as Hendrik Lesser (Chairman of the Board of EGDF), Thalita Malago (Director General of the Italian Association IIDEA), Per Stromback (Spokesman for the Swedish Game Industry), David Rabineau (Vice President of the French Association SNJV) and Olli Sinerma from Business Finland.

B2B module

The B2B module of the program will present several interesting topics and case studies:

  • Sanja and Dušan Čežek (Fuch + Dachs) will talk about the development and financing of the game Ministry of Broadcast
  • Yves Le Yaouanq from Focus Entertainment, the second largest French publisher will talk about PC publishing
  • Tea Dora and Dejan Zadnikar from Outfit7 will present the launch study of the game My Talking Angela 2
  • Daniel Fischer from the Finnish company Fingersoft will also address the audience,
  • The program will be rounded off at the Cinematheque by Attila Szantner from the Swiss company MMOS, which connects scientific research and multiplayer games.

Gamecamp track

Throughout the day, a treat for all those involved in mobile development will be the GameCamp Room, with a rich program of lectures and case studies from companies such as Google, Reality Games, AppsFlyer, as well as local Two Desperados, Nordeus or GamebizConsulting.

Among the lecturers are Mariusz Gąsiewski, Alessandro Valentino, Richard Lakučs and Thiago Nam (Google), Filippos Drogitis and Łukasz Baranowski (Reality Games), Mateusz Bocheńczak (AppsFlyer), as well as from local companies Andrej Kugonić, Lana Čubrić and Božo Janković. The sessions will mainly cover the issues of growth, user acquisition, optimization and marketing.

Keynote program

After a short break, the program continues at the Bitef Theater with a keynote program, which will be preceded by the premiere presentation of the SGA Annual Report for 2021.

We will upgrade local trends to global ones, through the lecture Next Level: Navigating the New Normal in Gaming by Tobias Knoke, head of the gaming department at Google for the EMEA region. After that, the audience will be introduced to Nuša Gantar, senior marketing director at Outfit7, and at the end we will get first-hand insights into the process of creating one of the most notable recent projects that blurs the boundaries between film and video game art and immersive experiences. which was operated by a company from Serbia:

Vladimir Mastilović, vice president for digital people at Epic Games and founder of Novi Sad-based 3Lateral, will talk about cooperation on the Hollywood project Matrix Awakens, and the boundaries between interactive and linear content.

#sgaftw party

After such an inspiring end to the regular part of the program, delegates and guests of the conference will have the opportunity to get to know the authentic atmosphere of the Belgrade music and “nightlife” scene.

The live concert and DJ set will be enjoyed in the ambience of the famous part of the city locally best known as “Cetinjska”, more precisely the former brewery of Ignjat Bajloni, a Czech who came to Belgrade in 1855.

We will hang out in Dim, which is best described by its owners: “Dim cultivates the culture of adult clubbing. It is not a day or night club. Dim is afterwork, a pre-party psychedelic triclinium. Dim’s location amplifies an atmosphere that is not a classic club, but still operates within the entertainment industry. “

Among many guests from various companies, associations and other relevant actors of the European gaming ecosystem, you will have the opportunity to listen to keynote lectures and presentations:


Tobias Knoke
Head of Gaming, EMEA Partnership Solutions @Google

Vladimir Mastilović
VP Digital Humans Technology @Epic Games

Nuša Gantar
Senior Marketing Director @Outfit7

David Rabineau
Vice President @SNJV

Yves Le Yaouanq
Chief Content Officer @Focus Entertainment

Mariusz Gąsiewski
CEE Mobile Gaming Lead @Google

Thiago Nam
Senior Growth Manager, Gaming @Google

Lazar Lekić
Superclaster manager @Serbia Innovates

Attila Szantner
Co-Founder & CEO @MMOS

Filippos Drogitis
Growth Manager @Reality Games

Dušan & Sanja Čežek
Creative Directors @Fuchs+Dachs

Alessandro Valentino
Strategic Partnerships Manager @Google

Mateusz Bocheńczak
Senior Account Executive @AppsFlyer

Hendrik Lesser
President of the Board @EGDF

Richard Lakučs
Gaming Growth Manager @Google

Daniel Fischer
Master Chief of Game Campus @Fingersoft

Thalita Malago
Director General @IIDEA

Per Stromback
Spokeperson @Swedish Game Industry

Olli Sinerma
Senior Advisor @Business Finland

Tea Dora
Senior Marketing Director @Outfit7

Dejan Zadnikar
Marketing Strategist @Outfit7

Kristina Janković
Executive Manager @SGA


This will be the first meeting place on Thursday, April 7. Informal socializing, dating and registration for tomorrow. (Invitation only, with RSVP!)


The new administrative building of the Yugoslav Film Archives, in a renovated building, opened to the public in 2014. In the beautiful interior there are cinemas, a permanent museum exhibition and a library.

Bitef teatar

Bitef Theater is a "cult place" where the urbanity of the capital was formed, freedom styles were practiced, and metropolitanism improvised. A theater torn between politics, experiment and the circus.


DIM cultivates a culture of adult clubbing. It is not a day place or a night club. Smoke is afterwork, a pre-party psychedelic triclinium, open from 5 to 1 p.m.