Game Dev Incubator

The development of video games, besides a good technical knowledge, requires exceptional creativity and dedication. While you read this, a large number of individuals and development teams are just beginning or continuing to work on their games. Despite the enormous enthusiasm and hard work, a large number of these games will never see the brightness of the day – due to lack of experience or resources.

As a part of the Serbian Games Association (SGA), companies Nordeus, Eipix, Two Desperados, COFA Games and Mad Head Games have decided to launch the Game Dev Incubator project. The goal of the project is to help everyone who wants to direct their career towards the development of video games, to acquire the necessary knowledge, to meet other enthusiasts of similar interests, demonstrate their skills, form functional teams and finalize, then publish their first game by the end of 2018.

The Game Dev Incubator will be implemented in two phases.



Participants will be introduced to all aspects of the game development through a number of workshops, including game design, working in Unity software, server side development, validation of ideas, business and marketing, project management etc.
Workshops will cover a wide range of topics, such as 3D modeling and texturing, interface creation, visual effects, etc. The workshops will be conducted by experienced engineers and artists from the companies participating in this project, and the participants will directly apply newly acquired knowledge during the workshops. The workshops will start on June 23rd and will last until mid-July.


After the completed workshops, participants will form teams that will start the design of their future game, and then its development and publication on some of the popular services, depending on the platform for which the game is developed. Consultation and mentoring assistance in these phases will also be provided by professionals from participating companies in this project. In line with the real needs, companies will provide the necessary resources, such as workspace or hardware. Teams would be formed in early August. The game development starts as soon as the team estimates it is ready, probably in early September.

The aim of the workshops is that the students get knowledge from a number of areas, but there will be no basic courses or narrow specialization for any specific field. The focus of the workshops will be on “free-to-play” games, which are neither technical nor hardware-intensive, but their production partially or completely covers most areas present in the development of games outside this category.



  • Participation in all phases of the project is free.
  • It is recommended that you bring your own computer, but a number of computers will be provided by the organizer in accordance with the possibilities.
  • Materials for the workshops and individual lectures will be in English, so the knowledge of this language is necessary, especially the understanding of the terms in the field of computers and video games.
  • The expected scope of participants’ engagement is between 15 and 30 hours per week, depending on the number of selected workshops.
  • Apart from active work during the workshops, independent work is expected, with the aim of improving individual skills and presenting the results of work to other participants.
  • Pre-knowledge in programming (C# or Java) and basic knowledge of network protocols is expected for participants in technically oriented workshops.
  • For participation in artistically oriented workshops, participants are expected to know 2D Illustration tools (Photoshop) and 3D modeling tools (3DS Max, Maya, ZBrush). The experience with the Substance Painter tool is also an advantage.
  • Workshops that are oriented towards project and business management are informative and do not require any specific knowledge. The same rule applies to workshops dedicated to the design of video games.
  • Upon the first phase completion, participants are not obliged to participate in the team’s composition and realization of the video game. Nevertheless, the participants who continue to participate in the project are expected to be committed to the goal of completing and publishing the game within the timeframe.
  • Although most participants are expected to be students of art or technical schools and faculties, the project is open to all those who want to deal with the development of video games.
  • Participating in workshops is not a condition for participation in team development of games within the project. In other words, experienced teams are welcome to join the project after the completion of the workshops.
  • The project will be considered an absolute success if, after the publishing of the game, at least one of the teams forms its own video game development company. SGA will provide support to newly-formed companies in the form of legal, advisory or other types of assistance, in order to make the first steps on the road to success easier.
  • Companies within the SGA that are the holders of this project will not claim the intellectual property rights created during the project, nor will they bear any responsibility towards newly created companies in their formation.

You can register here for participation in the workshop. Applications will be open until June 10, 2018. Upon the expiration of this deadline, the selected candidates will be invited to attend workshops, and a schedule of topics by individual workshops will be announced.
For all additional questions please visit Game Dev Incubator Facebook Page.