New Serbian Games you should know about

Maša Đurić,
Social Media Manager, SGA
Who would have thought that this year we had so many announcements and new published games by local studios and companies? In one place, we list all the new titles, so you can preorder them and enjoy!

The Cub – new chapter of the apocalypse

The Belgrade-based team “Demagog Studio” known for its unique, cross-disciplinary approach to video game creation, has released the long-awaited title “The Cub”, a core game set in the universe of their award-winning mobile game GolfClub: Wasteland.

Expectations are high when the first game you release wins awards, catches the eye of publishers who port it to bigger platforms, and quickly gains a devoted fanbase that appreciates the unique art style, tailor-made soundtrack, subtle critique of contemporary society, and superb humor.

The demagogues managed to overcome all that and recently released a trailer for their new game “The Cub”. Everything we loved about their first game is in the new one, along with new characters, mechanics and story. We share the trailer with you, and here you can also read an interview with Igor Simić, the founder of the studio and the brain of the operation.


Scars Above – a shooter, action adventure

The trailer for Scars Above, a challenging sci-fi third-person shooter action adventure from Serbian gaming studio Mad Head Games, was shown to the world at the recent opening ceremony of Gamescom, one of the biggest gaming conferences in Cologne, Germany. The game will be released in early 2023 and will be available for PC, Playstation and Xbox.

The game combines the satisfaction of overcoming challenges and an exciting, intricate story set in a mysterious alien world. Viewers around the world were able to experience a part of the opening part of the game (prologue) through the trailer, as well as peek into some elements of the game.

The game has been in development for some time, and is scheduled to be released in early 2023 for PC, Playstation and Xbox. The publisher is Plaion (formerly Koch Media), which will launch the game on the market under its Prime Matter branch.


Highwater – third game from the Golf Club: Wasteland universe

Things that the Domagog team has already accustomed us to, such as prominent ex-YU monuments, recognizable Brutalist architecture of Belgrade, as well as original music broadcast on “radio stations”, were not absent in this multimedia title either.

After the heroes of Golf Club: Wastland and The Cub titles that we have already written about, we now meet Nikos, a young man who is determined to find a better life (environment) for himself and his friends that he will collect along the way on his dangerous journey. First they must reach the Hightower region and then beyond the impenetrable borders of Alphaville, fighting rebels and stealing food along the way. We will find out in December when the Highwater title will be available, while for now it is possible to add the game to your Steam Wishlist.


Nazralath – atmospheric, adventure RPG 

The Euclidean Studios team (which basically consists of Stefan Vukašinović, Uglješa Stevanović and Vanja Knežević) has been quietly working for a couple of years on an ambitious RPG title for the PC platform – Nazralath: The Fallen World. The first trailer was released in May, so we chatted with the team on that occasion.


Let Bions Be Bygones – a detective story from the dystopian planet Terrahive

Studio Bohemian Pulp has been working on their first and only title for some time – Let Bions Be Bygones. For now, it is possible to add the game to your Steam Wishlist, and we share with you the trailer, as well as a conversation with Đorđe Marković, the creator and mastermind of the operation.


100 Worlds – first PC game by mobile giants Peaksel

Niš studio Peaksel has released its first game for the PC platform called 100 Worlds. It is a “room escape” game where players have to solve a series of logical puzzles in order to save the main character from the magical book in which she is trapped. The title is available on Steam and you can read more about the game here.


SpellTome, hand drawn 2D platformer by Tectonic Games Studio

Tectonic Games Studio (TGS) from Belgrade released their first game SpellTome on Steam. For now, it is possible to add it to the Steam wishlist, and we talked a little about the project with Andrio Milivojević, the representative of the studio.


OverNight – it’s always easier when you share your fear with someone

OverNight is a new indie horror title from the ClickToPlay Games team that brings interesting mechanics and emphasizes the social element. The game is being marketed for now only on Steam and as Early Access, while the current primary goal is to attract fans of this genre and form a community to build the game further together with the players.


Scorn –  Xbox and PC release imminent

The long-awaited horror adventure Scorn from Belgrade studio Ebb Software throws players into an abandoned nightmarish world in a state of decay. Surrounded by strange biomechanical devices, the players must understand the logic of the world and its architecture in order to progress in their attempt to understand where they are and what their role is in the grotesque maze of horrors. The game can be pre-ordered now on Scorn’s Steam page, as well as on the Epic Store.