Become a member of SGA

Every membership helps us, as a non-profit, non-governmental organization, carry out all our projects, programs, and initiatives with the right team and tailored to the community's needs, aiming to achieve our common goals. In addition to our relationships with partners and members, we also work on improving the entire ecosystem, in constant dialogue with decision-makers and all stakeholders who can assist us in this endeavour. Furthermore, we aspire to represent the gaming industry of Serbia on the global stage and contribute to the development of high-quality talent in all aspects of the industry.

Full members

As a full member (Start/Pro/Premium membership), you participate in the work of the SGA Assembly, contributing to the decision-making process that shapes the gaming industry in Serbia. Additionally, you gain the right to engage in programs, projects, and partnerships that promote your company and projects, contributing to the development of the community and the entire gaming ecosystem. Some of our initiatives and activities to which you also have access include SGA Jobs, Mentorship, peer groups, trade missions, academies, acceleration programs, and visibility in the annual report.

Support for your EB and HR strategies, locally and globally
Diverse opportunities for professional development for team members

You contribute to the development of the entire community

Associate members

All those who are at the beginning and may not have the resources for full a membership are welcome as associate members (Free membership), giving you access to all major events for members or the wider community, as well as other benefits, practical and networking support from the SGA team.

Access to all open events and programs
Connections with the entire community and other members
SGA support
We are always here to guide you in the right direction


If you want your company, team, or studio to join SGA members, you can contact us at and schedule a meeting. We would love to get to know you, hear about what you are working on, understand your priorities and focus for the upcoming period, and discuss how SGA can support you in those efforts.