3Lateral - Empowering Digital Life

About us:

3Lateral develops innovative technologies that enable the digitization of human appearance and motion at an unprecedented level of realism. 3Lateral covers a full set of solutions for human digitalization from 3D and 4D face and body data capture infrastructure, data processing and compression algorithms to recreate realistic facial and body deformations, PBR data extraction to define how skin interacts with the light, and articulation through user-friendly bio-kinetic models of humans in a digital form. Their well-balanced multidisciplinary team with artistic and technological expertise is focused on bringing to life
characters across all digital mediums.

Working on Industry Changing Projects

‘The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience,’ is a boundary-pushing cinematic and open-world interactive tech demo that set new standards for the entertainment industry. IO, one of the main characters in the demo is a MetaHuman, and stands side by side with digital doubles of Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss – a true testament of how MetaHumans can share the stage with Hollywood celebrity digital doubles. With MetaHumans, 3Lateral team created a new industry standard for digital humans.


In addition to 3Lateral’s education support through partnerships with universities in Serbia, our goal is to connect and collaborate with the creative community and empower regional creators, researchers, and educators to deliver exceptional digital experiences.

The upcoming company campus we’re building in Novi Sad will complement these efforts, all aiming to bring industry and science closer together, allowing us to unleash the next level of creativity for our growing team.


Our mission is to evolve through exploring abstract landscapes of art and science


Our talented and devoted individuals are all gathered around the same vision of creating and constantly improving technology


We are looking for new team members who can inspire us and are willing to give us a chance to inspire them

No boundries

We will continue to develop the state of the art in Unreal Engine as a leading team for creation of next generation virtual humans and creatures

Campus/Next Chapter

We are delighted to share a new chapter in the planning and construction of our upcoming campus in Novi Sad. With the submission of the urban development plan, we have provided additional insight into the new R&D hub designed to advance digital humans technologies within Epic Games.

This is an important milestone towards the completion of the Novi Sad campus by 2024, as well as our efforts to support the local ecosystem and create an inspiring space for our team to learn, create and innovate. We are excited to expand our presence here, and deepen our relationships with creators, researchers and educators interested in Unreal Engine and digital human-related technologies.

Guidance, connections, and education

3Lateral team can independently assist you with community connections, constructive feedback, and project guidelines. Connecting and collaborating with the creative community is essential to us so that you can make incredible digital experiences using the latest tools and technologies.

Epic MegaGrants

Epic Games has committed $100 million to support game developers, enterprise professionals, media and entertainment creators, students, educators, and tool developers doing amazing things with Unreal Engine or enhancing open-source capabilities for the 3D graphics community. Feel free to share with us your projects and ideas, and we can provide guidance for MegaGrants application!